Sunday, 4 July 2010

Preston Carnival 2010 !!

We took part in the Preston carnival again this year, everyone worked hard & it all paid of as it was a big success !!

The Queen; Jackie.............................
The king; Sean

Everybody on stage at avenham park !

Monday, 21 December 2009

Winter Wonderland

At christmas we had a children's party, although there were a few confusions in relation to the parish centre, it was a success. We did think we would have had a better response but due to a report in the Lancashire evening post telling of the apparent parish centre closure some people thought it had been cancelled.

Aside from this the party went well. The group planned the event, including the food, decoration and entertainment. They all decorated the place to create a festive atmosphere, wrapped up all the special gifts, prepared all the food and kept the children happy, dancing and playing games throughout the party whilst dressed festively of course. They all thoroughly enjoyed it especially when Santa came to visit. A job well done for ablaze all the kids left with a smile and wanting more. :)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Well its been a challenge for one of our group members but its finally reaching completion, our brand new website created by Maria. Of course its always going to be altered and added to but its in a stage were its complete to view. She has found it a real task but also a real achievement to have created it for the group:

"It has been long and hard but I finally got there in the end, there are a few things still needing to be altered and of course the gallery has to have a whole heap of photos from photo albums to be loaded up but I'm really pround of the outcome."

So go ahead and have a look and tell us what you think cause we would really like your views on it!

The site is:

The Club wall

Having painted the wall we have noticed a change in the number of people in attendance at the club. Its great seeing more people using the facilities already there, our wall definately has grabbed the attention of people in the area.

For some people it did come as quite a shock but all the responses and feedback have been positive, there have been some suggestions of ways to improve the display the main being the clubs name on the top of the wall. Some people thought it was not bold enough and didn't pop out as much as its surroundings. so what did we do?......

.....well we went out and improved it of course.

we will have a picture up shortly of the new new improved wall :)

The bespoke stall callon gala day 22nd August 2009

On the Bespoke stall in order to gather the opinions of the community the people who came to the stall were asked to answer one of the two questions we offered to them:

How does living in callon make you feel?


what digital technologies do you use and how do you think about them?

But rather than asnwering out loud or on paper they were able to make bracelets or necklaces using bead representing their answers. To gather the findings we decided to take pictures of the completed items being worn by the people who created them by the questions they decided to answer.

We found there were mixed views on the callon estate cause not everyone who came to the stall knew about how it was living in the area. It definately was a popular stall which made collecting view of other appealing to take part in.

Once they had completed making their own jewellery they were also rewarded with some free rock (which we had the opportunity to design for the day) which read through the middle Callon Rocks.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Callon Gala day 22nd August 2009

So on Saturday the 22nd of August we were asked to help out at the callon gala day, and were also given the opportunity to publicise both our group and the club.

We had our own stall displaying photographs of previous projects the group have taken part in over the years and had some of our costumes on display for people see. Our stall definately was bold and bright, decorated with many of the banners the group had painted.

As well as our own stall we were asked to run the music for the event, we were provided the system and although there were a few problems we overcame them and music definately livened up the atmosphere on the pad.

We also supported the stalls for the bespoke project which was canvasing for opinions of the estate in a fun and interactive way.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Painting the club!

Friday 24th-Saturday 25th July 2009.

A lot of rumours and such have been going around the callon estate with many people thinking that St Teresa's parish centre is closed.
So as a group we decided to raise its profile a bit by giving it a bit of a face lift!